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PANNU for the PEOPLE: Political Platform   

I. Education completes a person.
  • Education starts with a 2 year paid maternity leave allowing women to exercise the option of using part of this period during their last months of gestation.
  • No Ipads in school till 5th grade. Crayons not computers
  • 1/2 day English
  • 1/2 day second language of your choice from pre-k to 8th mandatory

II. Preserve 2nd amendment 


* Sign the Petition - Superheroes Stop Slave Traders 

IV. End Prohibition Round 2:

* Accept that drug enforcement is a FAILURE!  

* Stop mass incarceration

  * Remove Drug Dealers from the streets + End Gang Drug Violence

* End Pharmaceutical Profits from Opiate Crisis

* End Private Prisons or Prisons for Profits

* End the government corruption and greed of Civil Forfeiture

V. Reallocate funds from a failing system towards EDUCATION including College + Graduate School

  * Direct benefit from ending prohibition round 2

VI. Provide HEALTH CARE (Dental, Visual, Health, and SR Assistance) for all citizens

* Direct benefit from ending prohibition round 2


VII. Improve infrastructure

* Good infrastructure saves lives. Auto accidents are the leading cause of death in America 

VIII. Term Limits for Congressmen/Senators

IX. Braille on $


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